Terra Indígena Sangradouro/Volta Grande

Area inhabited by Boe (Bororo) y Xavante.




Population in the IL


Area (ha)



Legal situation Em Estudo
Legal jurisdiction Amazônia Legal
States (FS) MT
Isolated indigenous? Não
Frontier Stripe?
Overlapping Areas 0


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Towns with incidence in this Indigenous Land

Towns - Terra Indígena Sangradouro/Volta Grande

# State (FS) Municipality Municipality Area (ha) IL area in the Municipality (ha) IL area in the Municipality (%)
1 MT General Carneiro 371.045,60 0,00
2 MT Novo São Joaquim 523.129,70 0,00
3 MT Poxoréu 687.415,80 0,00

Territorial Rights

Official recognition stage: Em Estudo (Portaria 330 - 06/05/2003)

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1 - Em Identificação
2 - Identificada
3 - Declarada
4 - Reservada
5 - Homologada
6 - Registrada no CRI e/ou SPU
7 - Restrição de uso
8 - Dominial Indígena
13% Finished

Em Estudo por Portaria 330 - 06/05/2003

Legal history

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Related Normative Acts - Terra Indígena Sangradouro/Volta Grande

Documento Stage Número Fecha Publication
Portaria Em Estudo 330 30/04/2003 06/05/2003
Portaria Em Estudo 458 20/05/2003 09/06/2003
Portaria Em Estudo 747 31/07/2003 04/08/2003

Peoples and Demography

There is no demography information for this Indigenous Land.

Peoples Linguistic family Idioma
Boe (Bororo) Bororo Bororo
Xavante Akwen
Año Population in the Indigenous Land Origen


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Distribution of the presence of the State through Funai and Sesai

National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health (SESAI)
Regional Coordination Office (CR) Special Indigenous Health District (DSEI)
Xavante coverage Xavante (MT) coverage

Indigenous Organizations

There is no stored information about Indigenous Organizations for Terra Indígena Sangradouro/Volta Grande.

Projects with indigenous participation

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Pressures and Threats

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Overlapping Areas

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